Avoid unexpected shortfalls with medical GAP Cover

Most medical scheme members sleep easy with the knowledge that they are fully covered in the event of a life threatening emergency. 

Avoid shortfalls

people are often unaware that when they go in for a planned procedure, there may be shortfalls that they are not aware of. These “GAPS” in cover are largely due to providers charging in excess of the Medical Scheme Tariffs as well as co-payments or deductibles that apply to certain procedures, as per the Medical Scheme plan designs.

Providing expert advice

Managed Risk Solutions are aligned with various GAP Cover providers in the Industry and armed with the knowledge that no two individuals are alike, are able to provide expert advice and guidance on the plans best suited to their client’s needs.

Best value for money

With over 20 years’ experience in HealthCare Consulting, MRisk are able to consult to clients and provide the best advice and tailor made solutions to suit the needs of the individual, while ensuring that they get the best value for money and benefits available in the market.

Resolving claims timeously

Our excellent service capability and expertise, ensures that our clients not only receive relevant advice, but also assistance with resolving difficult issues surrounding claims and membership. Our dedicated team of healthcare consultants are well versed with regards to the various processes within the Gap Cover environment and are able to resolve issues timeously for our clients.

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